Welcome to Interesting Legal Topics! Over the years I have searched the internet to seek advice on many different legal topics. Whether it was to know my rights, learn how to write a legal document, or even just research a topic, I always found that a lot of attorney websites came up that didn’t actually ever answer my questions. This is where the idea for Interesting Lawyer Topics came to mind.

The goal of this website is to address various legal topics and subjects from the eye of a layman. Simply put, I am not a lawyer and do not provide any legal advice. The writings on this website are just an outlet to show you how I interpret laws and legal matters without any professional experience. While I will not provide any legal advice on this site, I do have plenty of attorney friends whom will contribute over time.

Please keep in mind that the content on this site is meant to be humous in nature. If you need actual legal advice you can check out the attorney’s I recommend page of this site or simply do your own Google search to find an attorney.

If you have a question that you would like answered or interpreted from a non attorney point of view please touch base with me and we can see if it makes sense for me to cover it here on my blog.

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